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MyWay Roof Tents were developed for the modern Overland adventure market offering a fast practical alternative to ground tents.

With an erection time of less than 2 minutes, without consideration of ground type, MyWay Roof Tents also find favour in the pursuit of alternative adventure activities. Surfers, Mountain Bikers and Dog Show goers are but a few who find MyWay Roof Tents complementary to their activities.

Packing away is almost as fast, remaining on a roof bar/rack system without hindering load space.

We offer 2 types of Roof Tent as a choice not a compromise in both Oxford Nylon and a technical Canvas. 

Comments from those in the know



I've used various rooftents in various places, notably in long trips through Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania, and became pretty much convinced that they were heavy objects, badly needing a redesign. By a quirk of fate, in 2001, I got hold of what I think was the first MyWay tent in Britain, and was immediately bowled over by how light, tough, user-friendly and unobtrusive it was Frankly I use them because I firmly believe they are the best roof tent on the market, and regularly take mine out into the Sahara, and beyond, atop my much-loved long-suffering Land Rover, Elsa.
- Sam Watson - Overlander, 2007

Modern materials and design ideas make the MyWay a tidy bit of kit.
The MyWay seems to blend many of the best bits from the other tents featured.

- Land Rover Owner International Magazine, July Issue 2011- review

After 5 months of camping in the roof tent in everything from the scorching heat of Death Valley, the freezing nights of Yukon and Alaska, and the extreme winds that Chicago is so well known for, our tent is still working a treat and now we wouldn’t be without it.
- Dan and Jenny, 2008

We came across the MyWay roof tents at the Billing Land Rover festival and had a good chat with a couple of people who were the proud owners of these tents. We already had a 3rd hand Hannibal tent that was reaching the end of its natural life and were looking forward to getting a tent that didn't smell!
The design of the windows means that we can shut the tent up tightly in the night and gradually open the windows as the temperature heats up....even more important when you have a hangover!!! The top vent keeps condensation to a minimum, with the worst we have experienced being a very light dampness on the canvas.
The mattress is about 5cm thick and is very comfortable. Our previous mattress had worn down over the years and caused severely aching hips and shoulders. We thought this was just something we would have to get used to so it was a very pleasant surprise when we tried out the new tent and woke the next morning with no aches and pains!
The tent has stood up remarkably well to the extremes of weather that mother nature has thrown at it. On our trip so far we have experienced temperatures down to -5c at night and up to +40c during the day. We have also weathered desert wind storms and lashing rain, with the Land Rover rocking from side to side but no damage to the tent and no water inside the tent.

- Jenny and Ollie, 2009