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Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in MyWay.

MyWay is a way of life for all involved promoting the best quality, and most innovative, overland and recreational products--and the associated lifestyles!

With a team of experienced and skilled people MyWay have introduced and influenced the development of products that set new standards in performance.

We are also proud to offer services that encourage and promote adventure.

Please take time to read our team profiles.

From these I hope we gain your confidence in us and our brand, and make aware our ambition to develop MyWay to aid all associated in the pursuit of adventure.

Paul Stevenson
Self-employed (retail trade 29 years)
21 years Personal Land Rover nut and bolt restoration, fabrication and preparation. Good knowledge of off-road driving and achievements in competition.
Most outdoor pursuits. Vehicle and property restoration.
Discovery 2 td5, Series 3 s.w.b. Series 2 l.w.b. Classic Range Rover and Fiat Doblo (sorry I love it!)
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Paul Stevenson:

European Business Co-ordinator

My love of adventure and the great outdoors originates from my Cub Scout days. I never recall a "Banger" tasting so good as cooked on an open fire nurtured from dry grass and twigs sat in a bivvy made from a bin bag and a few leaves.

Over the years rock climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking have been a few of the pursuits I have "dabbled" in, never so seriously as to become an obsession, just a nice mix to fit in between the usual trappings of life.

At 21 year of age I remember vividly a visit from an old school friend who looked on with envy and praise at my achievements in self employment. It wasn't until I asked of his achievements that his envy became mine! "I've been a deck hand on a yacht and sailed around the world twice" was his reply.

From that day I have strived to achieve a balance to satisfy my soul in the pursuit of adventure and provide important financial stability for my family. It has been difficult as the latter must take precedence but now at 40 my biggest adventures are about to start as I set out to make MyWay a lifestyle rather than just a product.

In a market dominated by brand leaders I decided to introduce MyWay to the UK, and more recently Europe. Realising the modern innovative designs akin to modern technical ground tents and with a few adaptations to suit the European market based on my experience of alternative brands, I felt confident that MyWay would quickly become a huge contender.

Thanks to the endorsements of many key people who actively pursue a lifestyle of overland travel MyWay has quickly risen to become a brand leader and is setting the new standard of Roof Top Tent performance.

110 DEFENDER "ELSA" , 110 C.S.W.
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I was a lucky lad – parents with broad world views took me through most of Europe as a child – and, tellingly, to the Sahara. I remember, as an impressionable seven-year-old, staring out into the burning desert from the roof of the temple of Hathor, on the Nile at Dendera, and wishing with all my young heart that I was out there, exploring the wastes. Increasing desert travels as an undergraduate made me realise that my heart is forever in Africa, under an open desert sky, and so I moved there to live and work for several years, travelling into the Sahara from my home in Cairo, and working as a freelance desert guide, as well as spells in desert rescue and mapping.


After living in such wild and remote places, untouched by tarmac and neon, I developed strong leanings towards conservation and environmental matters, and was a founder member of the Born Free Foundation, a wildlife conservation organisation based in the UK. Since then I have worked in East Africa with the BFF, mapping areas of Mount Kenya, working with Masai school projects in Amboseli and accompanying Kenya Wildlife Service patrols on armed anti-poaching sweeps in central Kenya. These activities, together with my desert mapping work, gained me my  Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society, and subsequently I have been lucky enough to become a member of the Northeastern Committee for the RGS. I am also a member of the Royal Institute for Navigation.


When back in the UK I have been lucky enough to have my scribblings printed in Land Rover Owner, Land Rover Enthusiast, 4x4, Total Off Road and 4x4 Mart, and I owe their editors a great deal. Currently Land Rover Owner are kindly running various of my pieces on overland travel, and 4x4 Mart periodically publish my travelogues. I get into Africa whenever I can, and current projects include taking LRDG-replica wartime jeeps from Cairo, across Egypt and into Libya, and taking a group of Series Land Rovers overland from the UK to an orphanage in the Gambia.


As for MyWay, I used various rooftents in various places, notably in long trips through Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania, and became pretty much convinced that they were heavy objects, badly needing a redesign. By a quirk of fate, in 2001, I got hold of what I think was the first MyWay tent in Britain, and was immediately bowled over by how light, tough, user-friendly and unobtrusive it was. I spoke to Jan, the manufacturer in Cape Town, and then to Paul, and the rest is history….! Frankly I use them because I firmly believe they are the best roof tent on the market, and regularly take mine out into the Sahara, and beyond, atop my much-loved long-suffering Land Rover, Elsa.


Sam Watson